Introducing the only piece of workout equipment you'll need! Replicate barbell, dumbbell, and cable machine exercises with the Complete Home Gym Bundle.


Why use the band bar?


Whether it's lower body or upper body day, The Band Bar has you covered! Our system allows you replicate over 100 exercises only thought to be possible in a gym

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Designed to be as lightweight and as compact as possible, The Band Bar is easy to take with you and store away. The Band Bar Mini fits in any suitcase so you can workout anywhere!

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The Band Bar is made of Grade A steel tubing so that you can consistently increase resistance as you get stronger. Safely lift up to 500lbs by layering resistance bands together

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Your virtual fitness studio with follow along workouts, programs, and resources curated for The Band Bar

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This has been a game changer. I love this set so much! I went from not working out at all to waking up and wanting to get this out and crush a set. I wrap it up in my yoga mat and am ready to go. This set is 100% worth every single dollar. If you're looking for an easy to use, easy to store product- buy this package. I promise you will not regret it!

Tracey T. (verified buyer)

Amazing product! I am very impressed by not only the quality, but how easy it was to get adjusted to as I’ve never worked out with equipment like this. I now have a home gym with minimal equipment! Thank you guys!

Brittani W. (verified buyer)

The Complete Home Gym Bundle has been a great addition to my workouts! Easy to use and I love that it's easy to store away. I wish I would have found this sooner!

Annie C. (verified buyer)

Best home workout item you could possibly purchase! There are so many different ways to use The Band Bar, I absolutely love it! Couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

Kaitlyn R. (verified buyer)


How do I use the band bar?

The Band Bar is made to replicate barbell, dumbbell and cable machine exercises at home using only long loop resistance bands! Think of the exercise you're looking to complete and hook the resistance band onto your Band Bar so that the band pulls in the same direction as the path of resistance. But don't worry! You'll receive a Resistance Band Exercise Database with your purchase to demonstrate 100 different exercises that you can do.

Want more guidance? We've recently launched with video resources and follow along workouts!

What's the difference between the band bar and the band bar mini?

The only difference between the two types of bars is the length:

The Band Bar is 37 inches long. We recommend this length if you are keeping The Band Bar at home or if you don't have any concerns fitting it in a suitcase as it allows you to comfortably do more exercises with a wider grip availability. 

The Band Bar Mini is 26 inches long. This is perfect if you want to fit a gym in a medium to large size suitcase. The grip space is smaller but you are still able to do 100+ exercises with a standard grip, especially combined with our resistance bands and door anchor.

What is a door anchor?

The door anchor that comes in our Complete Home Gym Bundle is going to be your new best friend for at home workouts! It fits in your door frame and allows you to secure your resistance bands at any height. Basically, it turns any door into a full cable machine! This little piece of equipment will unlock dozens of exercises you thought weren't possible at home; like Lat Pulldowns, Horizontal Rows/Presses, Straight Arm Pulldowns, Cable Kickbacks, Cable Pull Throughs, etc. 

Are there any follow along workout videos?

Yes! We've recently launched Band Bar Studios, which is our online home fitness platform to make sure you get the most out of your Band Bar. A subscription to gives you unlimited access to our STRONGBAND programs in video form, over 60 individual workouts, mobility sessions AND our video exercise database! Receive a discount with the purchase of any Band Bar :)

Where do you ship to?

We currently ship to the following countries: Canada (Free Shipping), United States (Free Shipping), Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Not on the list? Let us know and we'll work on it!

I live in ottawa. Can I pick up my order?

Absolutely! After placing your order, please email us at with your order number and we can arrange an early pickup date/time.

Meet the founders

Hi! 👋 We are Liz & Rob, the founders of sweatabl.

The reason why we are so passionate about getting The Band Bar in as many home gyms as possible is because we've experienced the benefits first hand! We know how amazing it feels to workout the way you want to, where you want to, when you want to and we want to share that feeling with as many people as possible.