Our Story

Liz & Rob, the founders of Sweatabl and makers of The Band Bar | Sweatabl
Hi! We are Liz & Rob, the founders of Sweatabl and makers of The Band Bar. We founded Sweatabl as a passion project in 2018 as a way to help others find affordable fitness classes near them. As a couple running a business together, our goal of breaking down the physical and mental barriers within the fitness industry has taken us down such an amazing and rewarding path.

The concept for The Band Bar came to us based solely out of necessity. We had both lost our stable, full time jobs due to Covid-19 and were looking for an affordable way to workout from home- one that didn't mean spending thousands of dollars or taking up an entire room. Rob, being a professional football coach, suggested we use resistance bands as weights; something he used to do when he played football and saw many professional athletes do while traveling during the season. After a couple of workouts with resistance bands alone, something was still missing - we felt like we couldn't workout exactly how we wanted to. So we took to our local hardware store and spent the night designing, welding and ultimately creating the first prototype of The Band Bar!
Our goal with The Band Bar is to help you feel freedom with your workouts- no matter where you are, what your experience level is or what your budget is. We created this piece of equipment to be versatile, lightweight and easy to use so that you can take control of your fitness journey and feel your best :) 

We can't wait for you to become part of the TBB ARMY! Please reach out to us on our social media platforms with any questions or just to chat.

Liz + Rob