BBS Maintenance Program

Welcome to the BBS Maintenance Program!
This is an ongoing workout program hosted on to use with your Band Bar so that you can continuously make progress and feel strong af at home.
We will be using a combination of strength, conditioning, and low impact workouts to improve your strength and endurance at the same time! All workouts include a warmup, cool down and rest timers so all you have to do is show up and press play.
The Maintenance Program will have 4 workouts and 1-2 recovery sessions per week. If you are looking for a lighter schedule to fit your lifestyle, no problem at all! Edit this schedule as much as you would like to fit what you need right now. All I ask is that you set your goal and commit to it.
How to get the most out of this program:
  • Click on the blue link to be directed to your workout of the day
  • Drink 2L of water per day
  • Aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night
  • Aim to have protein with every meal (to fuel those growing muscles!)

How to access the program:

  1. Download the FREE Goalify App from your App Store (available on iOS and Android) and join the BBS Team! On the app, you will see a pre-loaded daily To Do list with direct links to the workouts, a water tracker, group chat, and more! 
    Download here:
    Join the BBS Team:
  2. Bookmark this page and come back to it daily for the direct links

The Maintenance Program:

Monday, March 20 - 38min Lower Body 4
Tuesday, March 21 - 31min Conditioning & Core
Wednesday, March 22 - Rest
Thursday, March 23 - 30min Bi's, Tri's, and Shoulders
Friday, March 24 - 12min Spinal Mobility
Saturday, March 25 - 30min Full Body 3
Sunday, March 26 - 12min Active Recovery 1
Monday, March 27 - 35min Anterior Focused Lower Body
Tuesday, March 28 - Rest
Wednesday, March 29 - 35min Chest & Arms
Thursday, March 30 - 26min Full Body Tone 1
Friday, March 31 - 16min Lower Body Banded Mobility

Saturday, April 1 - 23min Beginner HIIT
Sunday, April 2 - Rest
Wednesday, April 5 - 28min Conditioning & Core
Thursday, April 6 - 30min Lower Body 3
Friday, April 7- Rest
Saturday, April 8 - 33min Upper Body Strength & HIIT
Sunday, April 9 - Rest
Monday, April 10 - 40min Beginner Lower Body 1
Tuesday, April 11 - 15min Full Body Mobility
Wednesday, April 12 - 40min Beginner Upper Body
Thursday, April 13 - Rest
Friday, April 14 - 29min Full Body 4
Saturday, April 15 - 20min Beginner HIIT
Sunday, April 16 - Rest

Monday, April 17 - 40min Lower Body 1
Tuesday, April 18 - 19min Full Body Mobility 2
Wednesday, April 19 - 35min Upper Body 1
Thursday, April 20 - Rest
Friday, April 21- 35min Beginner Full Body
Saturday, April 22 - 40min Full Body Conditioning & Core
Sunday, April 23 - Rest
Monday, April 24 - 37min Glutes Focused 2
Tuesday, April 25 - 15min Full Body Mobility 3
Wednesday, April 26 - 48min Arms & Core
Thursday, April 27 - Rest
Friday, April 28 - 30min Full Body Strength
Saturday, April 29 - Rest
Sunday, April 30 - Rest