How It Works

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How The Band Bar Works

The Band Bar benefits from the philosophy of variable resistance training to replicate your favourite strength training exercises at home. Resistance training allows you to grow the same amount of muscle using a single set of resistance bands compared to thousands of dollars in dumbbells, barbells and machines. 

Same Results, a Fraction of the Cost

It's true! Resistance Bands can give you the same amount of strength gains as traditional weights. The difference? Resistance bands behave as giant elastics so it is possible to have minimal resistance and make exercises too easy. However, that's why we're here- we show you exactly how to set up your Band Bar and resistance bands to get the results you're looking for. 

Resistance at Any Angle

One of the biggest benefits to using our Complete Home Gym Bundle compared to traditional weights is the ability to change where your resistance is coming from. This allows for so many more exercises! With weights, you are only able to take advantage of the downward force of gravity. However, using the door anchor included in our bundle, you can arrange to have resistance at every degree, creating your very own adjustable cable machine.


 No Need to Buy More as You Get Stronger

We know how it feels; you save up for a set of expensive dumbbells only to grow out of them in a couple of weeks. It almost makes you not want to make any progress! When using resistance bands, there are multiple ways to increase resistance using the very same band. And don't worry, we explain how to do this in our Free Manual and in video form on


Made For Any Size Space

The Complete Home Gym Bundle is compact, lightweight and completely portable! You don't need to dedicate a whole room in your apartment or your garage to house all of the weights and barbells required to do your strength building workouts. Store the entire system away under your couch, in your closet or even in your yoga bag.

Safer on Joints 

If you deal with joint pain, the idea of throwing dumbbells or a barbell around in your home, especially if you're a beginner, can be enough to make your ankles, knees and wrists start to throb already! That's where resistance bands come in. Resistance bands provide feedback on your joints throughout the full movement of an exercise. The gradual increase in resistance as the band stretches allows for an increase in stability in the joint through muscular activation and decrease in stress put on the joint itself. Resulting in a pain free workout :)

Different band bars in different colors

A Gym You Can Bring With You

Another amazing benefit of resistance bands is how light they are vs how heavy they feel. You can shove an entire set of bands in the small carrying bag (included in our bundle) so that you can lift heavy anywhere! You'll never never miss a beat in your fitness routine when you realize you can bring your workouts on your next hike, beach vacation, road trip, hotel stay, or cottage getaway without any compromises. 

Not All Bars are the Same

The Band Bar is designed with variety in mind. You'll be able to do the exercises you want at the resistance you need. It's made of powder coated, Grade A steel tubing that allows you to lift everything from 5lbs to 500lbs. The discs on both ends of the bar ensure your resistance bands stays in place, gives you the option to layer resistance bands and also creates equal resistance on both sides - just like a barbell! 


Woman exercising at home with Sweatabl band bar

Follow Along Workouts Created for You

Band Bar Studios is here to help you master your Band Bar workouts while also having fun. Enjoy over 70 pre-recorded workout videos varying in length, muscle group, difficulty, and equipment needed; with new workouts uploaded every single week! Try it out FREE for 7 days to explore our entire video library whenever it best fits your schedule.

Resources So You Feel Comfortable & Confident!

We don't leave you hanging after getting your Complete Home Gym Bundle. Upon purchase, you receive a FREE, in-depth manual that explains the philosophy of resistance training, how to benefit from it, how to us your Band Bar AND exercise demonstrations for 100 individual exercises! Want even more guidance? No problem - Band Bar Studios has multiple resource videos showing you step by step on how to elevate your home workouts using The Band Bar. You'll also receive access to our exercise database of over 100 exercises in video form for better cueing and explanation.

Join the TBB ARMY

Join the thousands of people across the world who have committed to creating a stronger body and a healthier lifestyle using The Band Bar training system. Please let us know if you have any questions using our live chat in the bottom of your screen or by contacting us at We would love to talk with you about any questions or concerns you may have :)