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It's my mission in life to show the world how effective and enjoyable training at home can be. Below you'll find a list all of the ways I can help you reach your fitness goals. Want to hear about your options in more detail? No problem! Let's chat:

You're not lazy! You just haven't found the fitness routine that works for you yet

I know how overwhelming it is to try to figure out what kind of workout routine is for you. When every time you open your phone, there's a new video about "the only workout you should be doing", or "the 5 worst exercises", or "the secret to fat loss that no one tells you about"... and it leaves you feeling more lost than ever before.

First, let's clarify something.

Simply put, the workout routine that will give you the best results, is the one you can stick to. And that's why strength training at home with the Band Bar has changed thousands of peoples lives around the world.

It takes the pressure off of needing multiple hours in your day to workout. You get to feel the benefits of strength training faster because it is so much easier to stay consistent. Our training philosophy is backed by science and based on the fundamentals of strength training. No overcomplicated trends allowed.

We stick to the basics, we move in a way that feels good, we challenge ourselves, and we reach our goals. Whether this is your first day trying out this whole fitness thing or workout #1000, I am here for you. If this sounds like the training style you've been looking for - let's sweat together!

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Personal Training

If you want that in-person push to stay motivated, personal training sessions are for you. This package only includes virtual 1-on-1 workouts where I create personalized workouts based on your equipment, experience, and goals. All you have to worry about is showing up.


Band Bar Studios

Band Bar Studios is our online studio that contains over 100 follow along workouts! When you become a member, you receive unlimited access to all Band Bar workouts, mobility sessions, exercise demonstrations, video resources, and community challenges.

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PDF Programs

The perfect way to take a program with you. Our Strongband Programs are created in a downloadable format so you can print them out and take them with you anywhere.

Every workout comes with photos, reps, sets, modifications, and a compressed, text-only option.


band bar cofounder. certified group fitness and personal trainer. dog mom. fajita lover. balanced living enthusiast.

My fitness journey started in a typical way, I played sports in high school but stopped after graduation. So I started going to the gym. Not knowing a single thing and googling "strength workouts" while I was walking through the doors, I was learning a new exercise every day. And I loved it.

I eventually moved from my home base in Ottawa, ON to the big city of Toronto for an engineering job (the industry I thought I was going to work in for my entire life). Not knowing anyone, I thought I would try group fitness to meet people.

I became obsessed, in a negative way to be honest, and it wasn't long before I was going to 2-3 high intensity classes per day, every day. I felt exhausted, was constantly sore, and woke up every day bloated- my body was trying to tell me that I was overtraining. But I didn't listen. I kept going to more and more classes thinking that I just wasn't fit enough.

And then Covid happened. Because I relied completely on gyms and studios for equipment, I had absolutely nothing to work with. So with all my new free time, I attained a Strive Life certification as a Group Fitness & Personal Trainer. I wanted to go to the source and learn how to workout properly instead of relying on social media.

I found myself gravitating back to my roots of strength training, mobility, and rest. And my body was thanking me for it!

Then came my love affair with the Band Bar (you can read about that here: Our Story). After it completely changed my life and this amazing community allowed it to be my full time job, I obtained my second certification from the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) to create the most effect programs and workouts for you!

I am committed to helping as many people as possible weed out the noise with health & fitness. To help you find a routine that helps you reach your goals, that you have time for, and that you actually enjoy. Because it is possible!

If that's something you're looking for, please book a Free Discovery Call where we can chat more: