STRONGBAND Training Program [Level 1]


Introducing STRONGBAND Level 1! This 8-week strength program is designed to get you stronger with The Band Bar and introduce you to the fundamentals of strength training at home.

Whether you're a beginner to fitness, in need of some accountability, wanting to put your Band Bar to work, or just looking to switch things up in your home workouts - this 95 page program will provide you with the challenge you're looking for! 

Within the STRONGBAND Training Program, you'll receive:

  • 8 weeks of strength training
  • 3 strength workouts per week (upper body, lower body, full body)
  • 1 HIIT workout per week
  • Warm-up and mobility for every workout
  • Workout details with photos
  • Printer friendly version of the workouts without photos
  • Program checkoff list
  • Weekly check-in questions
  • Access to our Private Facebook group so that you can connect with everyone else in the TBB ARMY, receive frequent video tutorials and stay motivated 
  • And more!

 NOTE: The STRONGBAND Training Program is provided to you as a digital, downloadable PDF that you can save to your desktop or smart device. You will be sent a confirmation email with a link to your product following your purchase. Please ensure to read the instructions accompanying your download link before starting your download. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kelsea McAllister
Not what I thought it was

I do feel a little mislead. Their TikTok page really emphasizes the uniqueness of the Band Bar as an at home gym solution and with the promotion of the workout guide I expected the workouts to be centered around the Band Bar. While the workouts are okay... there are only about 2 (of the 8-9) exercises per day that involve the Band Bar. I was looking for more of a weight training guide using the Band Bar and this is more of a run of the mill banded workout guide. It is comparable to other online influencer workout guides and has a similar structure. I don't feel like this guide is worth the price due to the lack of uniqueness as it is more expensive than comparable guides. I bought the exercise database as well and think it's great! But being new to strength training I don't know how to structure the exercises in the database to build proper workouts and I was hoping this guide was the solutions. I've been really trying to support small businesses, especially during these times and don't want to tear down the work they are doing. I just wanted make it clear that this isn't a Band Bar guide incase others were expecting it to be.

Hi Kels, thank you so much for your feedback! I understand your confusion and will make some changes to the description of the program so this doesn't happen again. However, I wanted to clarify that the STRONGBAND program is a beginner training program to introduce our customers to the fundamentals of strength training so that at the end of the 8 weeks, they feel comfortable setting up and completing every exercise - because that takes time :) I approached the program from a separate mindset of just being a Band Bar program because I believe it's best/safest to understand the proper form and muscle engagement before adding resistance. Which goes to show how versatile The Band Bar is because I basically wrote the program as if I was in a gym and the system filled in The Band Bar/the Bands for all resistance based exercises :) I sent you an email personally if you'd like to discuss how I can help you get the most out of your Band Bar. Hope to chat soon!

ilona galsi

I love the structure of the program!
I'm excited to do the days exceries and feel great after!
I 'm thankfull that this focuses on building your strength, whatever your fitness history is.

Loving it!!

Absolutely LOVING the program! I’ve been camping for the past two weeks and with the program and Bandbar I'm able to keep up with my fitness routine while I’m here. :)

Looking forward to completing the 8 week program!!